Favorite Memories

Morgan Staab, Journalist/Editor

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Can you believe how fast the quarter has flown by? On October 19, 2018, the first quarter of the 2018 school year ended. Students are excited to begin the next quarter of the year. When asked what her favorite memory of this quarter was, Madison Rohr ‘20 said, “My favorite memory was golf practices. It was the little things like laughing when we made a mistake. There was so much positivity, and that made me love the game and teammates even more.” Addie Roth ‘19 reflected on her favorite memory, spending time with her friends. “It is a bittersweet moment, I am so happy to have lived through these moments, but it’s hard to realize that this is my last time. It will be weird not coming back to TMP next year and relive all those wonderful moments again.”


As the second quarter begins, students must remember to stay focused on studying, as well as completing homework and other assignments. Students should also make a good effort to pay attention in class. It may not seem like it, but what students learn in class is crucial to how they develop habits that will help them in the future. Lastly, a special thanks to the parents, teachers, faculty, and staff for constantly encouraging and helping students at TMP. The student body appreciates your dedication to us!