Do the Rewards make a Difference?

Abby Rueschhoff, journalist/editor

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At TMP, we students sometimes get a sweats day if we meet a goal. This past month the students at TMP were in a competition to see which class could collect the most socks for “Sock-to-ber”. The Freshmen class, who won, got to wear sweats on the Thursday of an early release day. I believe that offering us a free sweats day if we win a competition is a great idea because it will motivate us to actually do something for the reward in the end.  I think that if the school wouldn’t offer us a reward for accomplishing a goal or winning a competition, people wouldn’t try as hard to reach the goal, and the students might not even get close to the goal that was set. We go to a private school, where we have to wear uniforms everyday. An offer of a clothing reward motivates us more to reach a target that we are aiming for rather than students that attend a public school were clothing options are allowed everyday. So all in all, I believe that rewards do help us reach a certain standing whether in class competitions or donations.