State Cheerleading

Abby Rueschhoff, journalist/editor

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TMP’s thirteen cheerleaders made their way to Topeka on Friday, November 16th, to compete at state. They competed on Saturday, November 17th, performing their best dances and cheers. “It feels great to be on a team that got to go to state, just like any other team, and it was so great to see all the girls come out of their shells and do their best,” stated Addie Roth ‘19. “We wanted a higher placing, but we got over it because we soon realized we were competing against teams who put their whole time into this one competition. We did the best we could do and I’m super proud,” the senior further exclaimed. The cheerleaders came home with a medal around everyone’s necks. Congratulations on your achievements at state ladies, and keep up your spirit and pride in this school.  GO MONARCHS!