Five Ways To Have Fun During Homecoming Week


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Five Ways To Have Fun During Homecoming Week

Dayton Unrein, Staff Writer

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  • Participate, Participate, Participate!


Get involved in the different activities during homecoming week. Paint up, follow the dress activities, participate in class competitions, and go to the bonfire.


  • Don’t Complain


Don’t be a negative Nancy.  Truth is, you won’t like everything during Homecoming Week. There will be activities you may not enjoy or a dress day you don’t want to participate in and that’s okay.  Just don’t project your annoyance with the week onto everyone else who is trying to have a good time!


  • Get Hype at Bonfire


Don’t just be there, get excited about bonfire night.  After all, it only comes around once a year! Go with your friends. This will make the bonfire more enjoyable.


  • Enjoy Spending Time With Your Class


You will do many activities with your class– make them count. Enjoy the different class competitions that will happen everyday. Have fun spending time with your class on float building day

  • Get A Date

When Assistant Principal Mr. Bob Leikam was asked what he would tell students to do to have more fun at Homecoming he said, “Get a date.”  So without further ado, here are some quick tips from Mr. Leikam on how to get a date. First, you have to ask someone to be your date to Homecoming. Mr. Leikam suggests using his favorite pickup line: “Hey baby baby, you want to go out with me or have a good time?” Next, he suggests to practice puckering up in the mirror in the mornings. Last, but certainly not least, Mr. Leikam reminds you to clean out the family pickup so the girl doesn’t have to ride on the handlebar.
Well, that’s it!  Five easy things you can do to have a good time this year during Homecoming Week!