10 Things You Didn’t Know About Asst. Chief Brian Dawson


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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Asst. Chief Brian Dawson

Dayton Unrein, Staff Writer

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Assistant Chief Brian Dawson of the Hays Police Department is joining TMP-Marian through the Adopt-A-Cop Program.  The program was reinvigorated this year.  Opportunities with our adopt-a-cop include ideas such as eating lunch at school with the students, visiting in the hallways between classes, coming to our home games, and possibly even presenting to a class.

Here are TEN FACTS about Assistant Chief Brian Dawson:

  1. Asst. Chief Dawson likes to watch movies, play guitar and piano, paint, hike, fish, and hunt.
  2. His favorite time of the year is when he is on vacation.
  3. If Dawson could stay any age forever, he would be 17 or 22.
  4. If he could learn anything in the world it would be between being a better musician or painter, being fluent in Spanish or German or being able to fly a plane.
  5. Dawson’s biggest fear is not being good enough.
  6. His favorite part about being a cop is being able to help people.
  7. His least favorite part about being a cop is the stress that comes with it.
  8. If Dawson could meet anyone living or dead, he would meet Jesus, Leonardo DaVinci or Mozart
  9. His favorite books are A Walk in the Woods and Louis L’amour books.
  10. His favorite movie is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.